• 2022.0527

    In response to the diverse health issues facing people worldwide in achieving high levels of health, WHO has published thousands of guidelines covering different aspects of clinical and public health. To facilitate navigation through these various guidelines, WHO has compiled a list of various guidelines related to COVID-19, public health and health policy management approved for publication by the GRC since 2008 to 2022, which are currently available in the National Library of Medicine.

  • 2022.0421

    In December 2021, Zijun Wang et al. from the Evidence-based Medicine Center, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Lanzhou University, published an article in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology entitled "COVID-19 vaccine guidelines was numerous in quantity but many lack transparent reporting of methodological practices". The aim of the article was to describe the current status of COVID-19 vaccine guidelines published between January 1, 2020 and July 8, 2021, and to identify the problems with the guidelines in this area and to provide suggestions for future guideline development.

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  • 2022.0524
    儿童先天性气管狭窄(congenital tracheal stenosis,CTS)是一种因气管自身发育存在病理问题而致的先天性梗阻性气道疾病,婴幼儿期即可发病,常表现为反复的肺部感染和呼吸困难,甚至呼吸衰竭,如不及时治疗,死亡率高达50-80%。外科手术是目前CTS最主要的治疗方式。2003年开始,CTS的外科诊治技术在我国逐步推广应用,但至今国内外尚无统一标准,诊疗水平和治疗效果参差不齐,故国内相关领域的专家迫切需要集思广益,达成共识,从而来规范国内CTS患儿的诊疗行为、完善诊疗体系。
  • 2022.0524
    Threatened miscarriage is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, in recent years, threatened miscarriage occurs in about 20% -25% of all pregnant women, although mild threatened abortion can continue after rest and treatment, but most of them can eventually develop into inevitable miscarriage or incomplete miscarriage as symptoms worsen. At present, the methods of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of threatened miscarriage are widely used in clinical practice and have achieved good efficacy. Clinical practice and trials have confirmed that proprietary Chinese medicine alone/in combination with Western medicine has unique advantages in the treatment of threatened miscarriage, but at present, there is a lack of evidence-based medical evidence evaluation and treatment recommendation, and there is no specific guideline or standard for the treatment of threatened miscarriage of proprietary Chinese medicine for follow-up and reference, which limits the efficacy of proprietary Chinese medicine in the treatment of threatened miscarriage to a certain extent. To this end, we have carried out the development of the "Clinical Application Guidelines for the Treatment of Threatened Miscarriage by Proprietary Chinese Medicines" in order to standardize the clinical application of proprietary Chinese medicines for the treatment of threatened miscarriages with single or combined Western medicines and improve the treatment effect.
  • 2022.0523
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