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Guideline for the Diagnosis and Non-surgical Treatment of Cervical Spondylotic Radiculopathy with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (2023) IPGRP-2022CN370 2022-06-30
Chinese Expert Consensus on Clinical Application of Molecular Targeted Drugs for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (2022 edition) IPGRP-2022CN369 2022-06-29
Clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines for psychosis with integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (post-traumatic stress disorder) IPGRP-2022CN368 2022-06-28
Expert consensus on risk prevention and control of polypharmacy for cardiovascular disease combined with neuropsychiatric disease in the elderly IPGRP-2022CN367 2022-06-28
2022 China Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis infection and active tuberculosis in solid organ transplantation IPGRP-2022CN366 2022-06-27
Guidelines for whole-course nutrition management in pancreatic surgery (2024 edition) IPGRP-2022CN365 2022-06-25
The Guideline for Diagnosis and Treatment of Insomnia Disorder with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine IPGRP-2022CN364 2022-06-25
Expert consensus on the clinical application of growth differentiation factor-15 in patients with acute coronary syndrome IPGRP-2022CN363 2022-06-24
clinical practice guideline on molecular pathology testing in ovarian cancer IPGRP-2022CN362 2022-06-24
Clinical practice guidelines for the rituximab treatment in children with steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome IPGRP-2022CN361 2022-06-24