Guidelines for whole-course nutrition management in pancreatic surgery (2024 edition)

Title: Guidelines for whole-course nutrition management in pancreatic surgery (2024 edition)
Edition: Original
Classification: Standard guideline
Field: Diagnosis and Treatment
Countries and regions: China
Guidelines users: pancreatic surgeons,physicians from the department of nutrition
Evidence classification method: Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine: Levels of Evidence (March 2009)(
Development unit: 北京医院,国家老年医学中心
Registration time: 2022-06-25
Registration number: IPGRP-2022CN365
Purpose of the guideline: Pancreatic surgery is complex, and the incidence of malnutrition and other nutrition related problems is high. In 2020, the project leader, together with the experts from the pancreatic surgery group of the Chinese Medical Association and CSPEN, conducted a snapshot survey on the perioperative nutrition management of pancreaticoduodenectomy among 96 doctors from 64 class III hospitals in 22 provinces, and found the problems of nutrition support. The Chinese expert consensus on perioperative nutrition management in pancreatic surgery (2020 Edition) was formulated and published in the Chinese Journal of Digestive Surgery. The consensus consists of 8 parts and 42 recommendations, which have been widely recognized. However, there are also some controversies and deficiencies in the consensus, which have been put on hold temporarily. In recent years, more high-level evidence studies have been published. Therefore, after discussing with experts who made the consensus, it is proposed to upgrade the consensus into a guideline, so as to make higher-level recommendations, promote the development of reasonable nutritional support, and ultimately benefit patients.